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Choose the right voiceover artist Black and White Group

We were involved in a new and exciting project recently, creating a video script for Cityland Mall in Dubai. At 340 words, the script gives a comprehensive overview of the retail destination. It also allows the voiceover artist – a British male known for his rich, commanding vocals – to communicate the brand’s key messages with confidence and authority.

While many companies rightly focus on perfecting a script’s wording, it’s the voiceover artist or actor who really brings it to life. Choose the wrong voice and risk alienating customers as they form negative perceptions of your company. Choose the right voice, however, and create a real, lasting emotional connection.

Here’s our top tips on how to choose the right artist:

Revisit your brand values

If you’re a financial services provider, chances are solidity and security are values you want to associate with your brand. Likewise, if you distribute luxury cosmetics, it’s likely sophistication and authority are high on your list. Look for a voice over artist who embodies your values.

Choose male/female

We’re often asked whether a male or female voice is better. Truth is, it depends on your brand. If your biggest customer demographic is male, it’s usually best to choose a man and vice versa. Male voices are generally considered more authoritative while female voices tend to be more soothing. This is a general guide, however. If undecided, audition both.

Decide on a presenter or storyteller

The kind of video you’re creating should dictate the kind of artist you select. Some actors are better at presenting online ads and others at explainer videos. If your video tells more of story, use an expressive artist who can create a sense of drama and character.

Consider accents

In a multinational marketplace like Dubai, it’s sometimes hard to choose a specific accent. If you’re targeting an international audience an Australian or British accent are good choices. For regionalised target markets, an accent from that specific area is best. If you’re using English, consider this may be your audience’s second language in which case you need a clear, commonly understood accent.

Seek references

It can be difficult to find an experienced voice over artist, especially in the UAE where talent constantly comes and goes. For this reason, it’s wise to work with a creative communications agency that has a selection of reliable and talented artists. If you go it alone, be sure to get recommendations and see examples of previous work.

For more information on choosing the right voiceover artist and producing your corporate video, please call THE BLACK AND WHITE GROUP on 04 367 5052.


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