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Content marketing in Dubai is rapidly changing. A few years ago social media, PR and advertising agencies had clear boundaries, each offering their own distinct services.

Now, things are different. Companies from all niches are positioning themselves as expert content marketers, eager for a slice of this relatively new industry phenomenon. While that generates healthy competition, it also brings pretenders, companies that don’t fully understand how to create great content and much less how to form a coherent strategy.

So how do you choose the right agency?

The selection process

“There are several ways to make the process easier,” says Mark Atkinson, founder/owner, THE BLACK AND WHITE GROUP.

“Don’t rely on the agency’s standard presentation for information. If possible, talk to their clients and gain a more accurate overview of how they work. How effective are their processes and did they achieve the desired result?

“Also, ask to see projects completed for similar clients who faced the same kind of challenges. Ask for top-level strategies they have created, too,” he adds.

This kind of information isn’t always forthcoming. In such instances, search for relevant case studies. If the agency is new to content marketing the information may not exist.

You could search for agency profiles in local media and marketing publications. Additionally, ask for reviews on LinkedIn and other online forums. Remember any client list the agency provides will almost certainly include only satisfied clients – another reason to conduct your own due diligence.

Questions and answers

At interview, is the agency asking the right questions? They should first listen and then ask about your customer demographic, different audiences and short- and long-term goals. Only then can they devise a comprehensive strategy.

Roberts adds, “In a nutshell, ask your agency lots of searching questions. Check the answers you’re given with past and present clients, as well as your own industry peers who may have experience with the same firm.

“Compile a spreadsheet of potential agencies, listing strengths and weaknesses. You could also rank each agency against factors such as how easily you interact with them and their experience with similar clients.”

For more information on content marketing in Dubai, please call THE BLACK AND WHITE GROUP on 050 457 5469.

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