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Corporate brochures in Dubai are one of the most popular marketing tools. But too often they’re badly designed – at best boring and at worst downright ugly. Whether they’re so text heavy you feel like you’re reading a novel or so sparse it’s like sitting in a hospital waiting room, poor layouts can actually damage your brand.

So, how do you ensure your design strikes the right balance? Here are six design trends to entice your audience and ensure your information is read.

Consider illustrations

Add a human touch with hand-drawn sketches. Even when used sparingly these instantly bring personality and a unique identity to any corporate brochure. Try small icons in the corners of pages or next to headlines in breakout boxes.

Experiment with typography

Fonts offer so much creative potential. Fill an entire page with just one letter for a bold and sophisticated look. Play with colour also. The first word or phrase of each new section could appear in your dominant corporate colour, for example.

Treat images

High-resolution, well-composed images are essential. Avoid simply dropping them onto the page, however. Instead, apply a treatment to each one. Tinted overlays, polaroid frames and diagonal edges work particularly well.

Incorporate texture

If your business is difficult to illustrate, photographically or otherwise, try adding texture. Interesting patterns, perhaps tiny geometric shapes, could be raised and embossed, and placed over the corners of pages. Alternatively, use them to mark section openers or as a creative addition to headlines.

Change format

Most companies opt for a traditional flat brochure with front and back covers. Consider alternatives such as three-dimensional cootie catchers (children’s fortune tellers) with key information under each fold. Ideal for creative companies, these are fun and very different.

Utilise shapes

Likewise, consider abandoning square- and rectangular-shaped pages and try circles, raindrops or cars – anything that’s directly relevant to your business. Think about how the pages might open out. They don’t have to follow the conventional magazine-style approach.

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