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It’s the chicken-and-egg scenario of building a website. A company gets a web designer to produce a great design then approaches a copywriter to supply the content. Very often, after hearing the client’s ideas on the messages it wants to convey, this copywriter might suggest ways the structure of the site could be altered to communicate the key messages in the most effective way. For the client, this means going back to the web designer at additional expense.

This is no fault of the web designer per se, without more in-depth knowledge on the nature of the content the client requires. It’s no fault of the client either, whose own core business might be very different to that of website creation or corporate communications. Hence why it has approached a web designer or copywriter in the first place.

Firms looking to develop or update their websites might be better off to finalise the content first, then let the written copy guide the structure. That way, the client can deliver its clear message unrestricted by visual parameters, then allow the webmaster to produce its design far more effective in terms of both the end result and cost.

Better still, after selecting your preferred web designer and copywriter – in cases where they are separate parties – have a kick-off meeting with all involved to discuss together how to make your website the most powerful marketing tool from every angle.

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