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It goes without saying that communication, internally and externally, is the make or break of a business. It dictates how your stakeholders perceive your brand, how your shareholders respond to you, or how you maximise your employees’ performance.

Many people can write. But good copywriting is a unique craft, involving much more than writing skills alone. Despite how good you perceive your writing skills to be, here are four compelling reasons why you should invest in hiring a professional copywriter:

1- A skilled copywriter brings a fresh outlook

Very often, when you are within the business you are too close to take a step back and look at things objectively. A skilled external copywriter will look at your business from a very different perspective. Very often, THE BLACK AND WHITE GROUP finds that content written internally is not always clear to the reader. This is not necessarily because of bad writing skills, but because while you understand the technical aspects of the business, the reader may not.

An external copywriter will ask the right questions to gain an understanding of the business, so they can explain it in an accessible way that anyone can understand. Through the information-gathering process, other questions will emerge that perhaps you may not have considered internally.

2- A skilled copywriter helps you find your voice

Very often when a company develops its content internally, it is written by the different subject matter experts. With this comes a range of different writing styles and a lack of consistency. If the company is speaking in a range of different voices, it brings a lack of coherence to the brand.

A skilled copywriter will spend time understanding your company goals and aspirations. He/she will bring a consistency to your brand voice in a way that directly connects with your customers.

To get the best result, many companies will engage the same copywriter for the longer-term. In this way, the copywriter comes to intimately understand the brand personality, services offered and can write content that is always relevant, on-brand and strikes a chord with your target readership.

3- A skilled copywriter optimises your content

SEO (search engine optimisation) is arguably the most important tool a company has to generate new business. A skilled copywriter will weave the right keywords into your content so they sit naturally within the narrative text.

At the same time, replicating other people’s content or duplicating your own is the SEO kiss of death. Generating original content on a regular basis is time-consuming to say the least. Few people internally that have their own functional role have the time for this, let alone consistently meeting the value points above.

4- A skilled copywriter uses calls-to-action

Engaging content is benefits-driven – continually suggesting to the reader what benefits your company offers them beyond the confines of your product or service. It also draws the reader in though the skillful use of calls-to-action. This in itself is a practiced skill, and when done well is an area your copywriter will bring huge value.

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