Your guide to Ramadan marketing

Your guide to Ramadan marketing Black and White Group

Executed well, Ramadan marketing can reap significant rewards. Brands can reach out to customers – gently – and make meaningful connections that last a lifetime. But what’s the best way to go about it? Which products and themes are the most effective? And how can marketers create maximum impact while remaining sensitive to the religious season?

Get ahead

Two to three weeks before Ramadan, promote upcoming products or services via online banners, five-second videos and other advertisements. In 2015, Al Futtaim Motors used a range of ad formats to successfully advertise the launch of its Camry model. The campaign engaged consumers across the UAE and exceeded expectations.

Start posting

As far as possible, use social media. Muslims work less during the Holy Month and relax more, which equates to increased mobile usage (as much as 30%). If your brand is tweeting, posting, sharing and liking, chances are it’s going to get noticed.

Go digital

Look at online advertising, too. More people than ever watch YouTube during Ramadan. Both local and international brands have picked up on this and the likes of Coca-Cola and Almarai have produced highly engaging videos. These focus on the spirit of the season rather than specific products.

Focus on giving

Remember Ramadan is about charity. Think of things to give away such as recipes or professional advice. Anything that can be shared online will, generally speaking, generate more brand exposure than print-based collateral. Many companies invest heavily in traditional marketing and, while this will always have a place, it’s often less effective than digital alternatives. It’s also more expensive.

Get festive

A nice touch, especially for B2B companies, is Ramadan themed stationery. Apply a crescent moon, lantern or other appropriate symbols to the edge of paperwork. You could also add them to e-signatures and even your website. Done tastefully, it can bring a smile to customers’ faces and create a positive perception of your business.

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