How To Choose A Copywriter In Dubai

How To Choose A Copywriter In Dubai Black and White Group

The UAE is brimming with freelance writers – many excellent at what they do. But how do you select the best for your needs? Here’s how to choose a copywriter in Dubai.

1- Relevant experience

While most copywriters can turn their hand to any style of writing, everyone has their speciality. If you need a corporate brochure , a copywriter with experience in this field is better than an advertising copywriter, who might focus purely on slogans. Likewise, if your business targets a specific market – think medical, finance, technology, etc – search for a copywriter who understands this industry and is familiar with its jargon.

2- Culturally sensitive

Ensure your copywriter understands the culture of both the UAE and the wider region. Check how long they have worked in the Middle East and ask to see a client list and examples of previous relevant work. Their website is your best starting point. If you’re targeting a specific demographic – Westerners, Indians, Arabs, etc – look for work that caters to these audiences.

3- Open discussion

When you have made your shortlist, call each writer. Provide as much information as you can. This will enable them to provide an accurate and detailed quote. Experienced copywriters know the right questions to ask to most clearly define the scope of work. For example, from where will source information come? How many face-to-face meetings are required? And how complex is the approvals process? During the call you will get a feel for the writer and gauge whether they’re someone with whom you could work.

4- Return on investment

Many copywriters will ask for an advance before commencing work. They will then request the balance on delivery. Rates can vary wildly but – as with any business expense – the cheapest often ends up costing more in lost time. Set aside a realistic figure. If budgets are tight, reduce the scope of work instead of settling for a second- or third-rate writer.

5- Personal relationship

Your final decision may be based on price but it’s important to consider the human factor, too. Is the copywriter someone who responds well to requests for changes? Do they understand that copywriting is a creative outlet as well as a moneymaking tool? Ask how many rounds of changes are included in their proposal and how the whole process would work.

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