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Graphic design impacts everything we interact with. It’s on your toothpaste packaging, the logo on your computer mouse, the branding on your jeans, the apps on your phone. It’s on your country’s flag. You can’t escape it. Even if you lived on the moon, the rocket that took you there and your space suit would be branded.

From a content marketing point viewpoint, while the craft of copywriting is still integral to the process, the statistic remains that we retain 20% of what we read compared to 80% of what we see in a more graphic designed context.

McDonalds, Apple, Toyota and Coca Cola (one of the pioneering brands as we know them now) weren’t always giants. They started somewhere – though their branding. But there’s good and bad branding. The ones mentioned here represent the former. No-one remembers the latter.

If you have bold business aspirations and want to engage the right graphic designer, what are the qualities to look for? Here are 5 pointers:

1- Find a graphic designer you’re comfortable with

We’ve listed this number one for a reason. Working with a graphic designer to produce the best result is exactly that. Working collaboratively. You may be looking for creativity in a graphic designer to pick up on your brand vision and create the visual story to reflect that. A logo is a case in point. But it is not simply a fancy symbol a graphic designer can whip up from nowhere.

A good graphic designer will want to hear your vision, brand story, how you came to start your business. Only by getting under the skin of your brand story will a graphic designer create a great brand visual. Only by being comfortable with a graphic designer will you be able to tell the story which brings out the best in their creativity.

2- Check out your graphic designer’s skills

A good graphic designer will have a portfolio of work they can show you. At the same time, there are graphic designers that may be extremely good in some areas (page layouts, text and image placements), but have little-to-no experience in others (infographics, vectors, understanding of brand guidelines, 3D renders). So, be clear on what you require in scope of work and make sure your graphic designer is clear also.

3- Make sure your graphic designer reflects your brand

Asking for a design portfolio is great start. But verify it’s theirs. Look for versatility in the different genres the designer can produce. What are the specific skills you’re looking for (see above)? Does the designer fit your brand style, and if applicable can he/she work to your brand guidelines? Are there specific examples of other brand guidelines he/she has worked to?

4- Be clear on your brand aspirations and target audience

Your content marketers – copywriters; graphic designers; photographers; videographers, cannot create your vision out of air. They need a firm brief to work from. Either that or if you need a content strategy created from scratch you need to budget for it. If you as the client are not clear on what you need, the most talented graphic designer will not be able to deliver it. Imagine if you were telling your supplier you were hungry but didn’t tell them what food you wanted? They deliver Thai then you tell them as an afterthought you wanted Tapas. Where does the problem lie?

5- Trial project

You can start the designer on a trial project, but like all creative projects, design takes time if it’s done well, so pay your designer for the trial, as you would expect to be paid.

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