How To Design Striking Stationery Sets

Design Stationery Set Dubai Black and White Group

You’ve registered your business and designed the logo. Now it’s time to create your stationery. But what are the key considerations and how do you get those creative juices flowing? Here’s how to design a striking stationery set.

1.  Maximise your logo

It’s important your logo is seen. The more exposure it receives, the more brand recognition you’ll get. But you need balance. Keep the design tasteful and in keeping with brand guidelines, perhaps by placing it in the corner of your stationery. Alternatively, place an oversized logo in the centre of the page but in subtle greyscale. For decoration, you could also use it on the paper’s reverse, repeated over and over, in colour, and at a massively reduced size.

2.  Keep it simple

Your letterhead should have an impact but it should still be clean and easy to read. A spacious layout is the name of the game with – depending on your corporate colours – one or two accented hues. THE BLACK AND WHITE GROUP’s corporate colours, for example, are not just black and white but charcoal grey, too. This adds an elegant touch and softens an otherwise stark contrast.

3.  Experiment

Most businesses position their letterheads at the top of the page. This works well, but don’t be frightened to try alternative approaches. Creative and more modern companies might like to place contact details in a side panel or in a strip at the bottom – using the coloured accents mentioned above. You could also draw inspiration from the logo and use elements from it to decorate each side of the page.

4.  Consider imagery

Images can create an even more eye-catching design. They should directly link to your brand, however, and speak clearly to your audience. Illustrations can also work depending on the type of company.

5.  Find a designer

You might have lots of ideas but, unless you’re a design whiz, you need someone to execute them. Dubai is full of great graphic designers. Pick the best one for your needs by reviewing previous relevant work, establishing availability and sourcing three quotations. Take the time to meet in person and get a feel for the way in which each designer works. How open are they to rounds of changes and is their style suited to young, dynamic startups or more traditional companies?

For more ideas on how to design stunning stationery sets or to source graphic designers, please call THE BLACK AND WHITE GROUP on 050 457 5469. Alternatively, email

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