Seven Steps To Great Content Writing

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Updating your website? Compiling a corporate brochure? Either way, produce copy that people actually want to read with these seven steps to great content writing.

1- Be consistent

You would never chop and change your corporate colours or logo design. So why change the style and tone of your content writing? A consistent approach will help to grow your following more quickly and the easiest way to achieve this is to use your own unique voice. Write like a human being, not a robot.

2- Keep it simple

Use short, everyday words and minimise technical jargon. Your copy should be easy to read. Write small paragraphs – four sentences maximum – and short sentences – no more than 14 words, where possible. Also, remove unnecessary phrases and needless repetition. Finally, address your readers directly—use the word ‘you’.

3- Write for your audience

Incorporate language your audience understands and try to provide solutions to their problems. This way you’re posting genuinely useful content that’s in their interests to read. Show passion for the ways in which you can help. Over time, you will build interest and ultimately sales.

4- Ensure technical accuracy

Spelling mistakes and poor use of grammar can damage a brand. As a reflection of your customer service, show care and attention to detail throughout all your copy. Avoid the passive tense, too. This will ensure dynamic content that attracts and retains the audience’s attention. If you lack confidence in writing, hire a copywriter or proofreader.

5- Focus on headings

The quickest way to attract your audience is with a catchy, to-the-point headline. Include numbers where possible as these are proven to attract more readers. Approximately 80 percent of people read a headline in full. Only 20 percent read all the content under the headline so summarise the main point in the first paragraph.

6- Include a call to action

After reading your copy, what would you like your audience to do? Sign up to a mailing list, call your sales team or perhaps register for an event? Whatever the goal, include a clear call to action. This could be via a link to an online form or a phone number for your sales department. Don’t confuse readers with multiple prompts. One call to action is most effective.

7- Edit, edit, edit

Keep sentences short and avoid excessive word counts. Blog posts should be no longer than around 400 words, web pages even less. Cut copy relentlessly. If a word or phrase adds nothing stylistically or factually, remove it. The most important thing is to communicate your point clearly.

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