Six steps to successful business blogging

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I went onto WordPress recently to look for some interesting business blogs that had been originated in the UAE. There were a few, but mostly I found companies on a self-promotion campaign – more appropriate for a website, brochure, or press release perhaps, but less in the spirit of a blog.

A business blog provides a channel for a company to inform and educate about different aspects of your industry – to position yourself as an expert in your field. A health company might talk about some of the latest healthcare trends or facts and figures about certain medical conditions for example – or a travel firm on information about different destinations, travel tips or what to look for in a hotel.

Of course, you’re still increasing your online presence and drawing people to your website, but in a less ‘promotional’ way. A business blog is also a great way to provide fresh, interesting-to-read content to your website. Here are six points to consider:

1. Be engaging

Write something the audience will be truly interested in. Make sure it’s not overly long, is concise and error-free. Readers have short attention spans – particularly online.

2. Use images

Good images will attract people to read your blog. They could be humorous or serious depending on how you want to portray your brand – but always make sure they are good quality and draw the eye.

3. Post regularly

Decide how often you’re going to post, setting a realistic schedule you think you can stick to – two or three times a month for example – then stick to it. A blog that hasn’t been posted on for several months is definitely sending out the wrong signal. I’ve found the best way to generate ideas is to note them down as they come to find to be expanded on later. Everyday in your business you come across different situations that you can talk about from your own experience.

4. Use key words

Pick out keywords and phrases that correspond with the main aspects of your own business and use them within both your website and blogs. This will go a long way to improving your search engine rankings. It includes putting a key word or phrase into the heading. A great tool for finding out the most searched words that relate to your business is the Google Key Word Tool.

5. Use links

In the spirit of giving out engaging information, use links to support your blog. These could be links to other people’s sites, along with links to pages of your own website – as long as they’re relevant. The main thing is to make sure the links are useful which will make your blog more interesting and readable.

6. Post on a good channel

There are umpteen channels through which you can post your blog. Possibly the best is WordPress, which also has a tool to automatically post your blog onto your other business social media channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter. Apart from that, punch in popular blog sites into a search engine.

For more information on blog writing, call Mark Atkinson at THE BLACK AND WHITE GROUP on 050 457 5469.

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