Six ways to spend leftover marketing budget

ways to spend leftover marketing budget Black and White Group

Don’t let your leftover marketing budget go to waste. Here are six ways to spend this year’s allowance.

1) Commission Christmas content

With the festive season just around the corner, December looks set to be as hectic as ever. Ease the strain and outsource your content, from writing and infographics to video and animation. Pieces such as a ‘2017 year in review’ and ‘Top trends for 2018’ are always popular. Make a list of timely topics and start commissioning.

2) Create spin-off collateral

Make the most of existing content. Create short, snappy, social media versions of your 90-second corporate video and/or take this year’s video content and edit it into a 2017 year in review. Turn your corporate brochure into a series of infographics or use images from that mid-year photo shoot to create a 2018 calendar.

3) Invest in new software

There are stacks of useful tools to help you do your job better. Invest in new services or upgrade existing ones. Mention, which combines social monitoring, analytics and competitor espionage, is a great social listening tool. So, too, is Keyhole, which sends an alert when influencers start talking about a keyword on which you want to be an authority.

4) Boost your strongest content

A Dubai-based IT company saw its social media following dramatically increase this summer. The reason? A blog posted two years ago suddenly gained traction and went viral. Sometimes, it’s the non-time sensitive, evergreen posts that generate the best results. Review your content from the last 18 months and with your extra budget redistribute the best pieces across social media. Experimental targeting and influencer engagement could give the posts the exposure they need.

5) Broaden your network

If there’s a conference or exhibition you haven’t visited or exhibited at before, consider attending. Don’t restrict yourself to the UAE. If budget allows, try the wider region. You could also consider workshops, paid-for networking events, anything to expand your network and stay abreast of industry trends.

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