Six ways to use Snapchat in your marketing campaign

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Snapchat has come a long way since its launch five years ago. Devised by Evan Spiegel while studying at Stanford, the photo-messaging app has more than 150 million users and 10 billion video views per day. Whether you’re a tiny startup or a large enterprise, there are a variety of ways to incorporate Snapchat in your social media campaign. Here’s our top six:

Share personal stories

Snapchat users are typically between 18 and 34 years of age, so if you’re looking to attract a younger audience, this is the ideal platform from which to do it. Soap brand Dove, for example, predominantly appealed to older women until it used Snapchat to connect with teenagers and twenty somethings. For two hours, 30 young women shared ideas and thoughts about self-esteem with a view to improving young women’s self-images. The campaign generated 75 conversations and 130,000 views.

Give exclusive previews

Share information with a limited audience. Car manufacturer Acura, for example, sent 100 followers an exclusive preview of its luxury racecar, the NSX. The first 100 new followers received the same six-second video, which created huge excitement around the launch. The campaign, which was nominated for a major industry award, was repurposed on Instagram, Vine and Twitter.

Promote events

Are you running a conference, exhibition, concert or awards ceremony? If so, give guests the inside scoop via Snapchat. In the US, for two days, iHeartRadio used the app to promote its music festival, gaining a staggering 340 million impressions through concertgoers who shared their experiences. If you want to raise awareness of your event, particularly among a younger crowd, Snapchat is the ideal platform.

Offer perks or promotions

Everyone loves prizes and giveaways, so consider offering promotional codes or discounts to fans who watch your full Snapchat story. Alternatively, ask them to take a snap while holding your product. Online food delivery system, GrubHub excels in Snapchat community engagement via a range of promotions, exclusive deals and contests. The brand was the first to execute a Snapchat scavenger hunt during which followers had to post a daily snap, whether it was a food selfie or a food doodle.

Go behind the scenes

Engage customers with snaps of birthday parties, office bake-offs or company outings. Go behind the scenes and show how your brand differentiates itself through its company culture. Fashion brand and startup Everlane excels in this area, giving tours of its office and suppliers’ warehouses, making customers feel like they’re part of the process.

Partner with influencers

Snapchat ‘influencers’ can help increase brand awareness to an audience that’s difficult to reach through traditional media. Remember that influencers who are especially skilled with the app can make highly engaging video content that can further enhance your brand voice and personality. For example, Sour Patch Kids partnered with social media star Logan Paul for a ‘Real-life Sour Patch Kid’ Snapchat campaign.

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