The Importance of Brand Logo Design

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Studies have shown that as young as three, children’s recognition of brand logos is formidable, even before they can read. This has both good, and not so good connotations (many are associated with fast food brands).

Another fact is that when people engage with your brand for the first time, they will make their first and lasting impression within just a few seconds.

It’s hard to escape the fact that brands are recognised first and foremost by their logo. But there are things you need to consider before embarking on logo design.


Brand First, Logo Second

While your logo becomes your trademark, it is not your first step. So often start-up companies begin thinking about their logo before they’ve established their brand identity – treating it as simply a catchy design. But it’s the brand story that leads logo design – not vice versa.

Every successful brand has designed their logo around the image and story it wants to create, The Nike ‘swoosh’ was created around the idea of movement and speed. McDonalds’ golden arch reflects the shape and colour of its fries. The Amazon arrow illustrates it can provide anything you need swiftly from start-to-finish.


Consider your Logo’s Different Applications

Keep in mind that your brand logo will be used across different applications – your website, stationary, business cards, company presentation, social media. A good logo designer will take this into account. A starting point will be to produce a set of brand guidelines, which guides all aspects of your brand communications moving forward, including the use of your logo.

Your designer should also consider presenting your logo in the most accessible way. Choosing a clear font will make your logo easy to read. A simple, uncomplicated design will be both easier on the eye and stand the test of time.


Your Logo Colours Tell your Brand Story

Colour is used to represent your brand image. Red attracts the eye and shows a bold approach. Blue, by contrast, depicts a more secure, dependable image. Green, as one might expect, shows a more natural, fresh approach.

From a practical perspective, particularly for start-ups with limited budgets, the more colours you use, the more expensive your business cards and other printed collateral will be to produce. Even the most renowned brands use a maximum of two to three colours to provide simplicity and clarity.

Diversified companies sometimes have variations of their main logo, or even their own distinct logos, to differentiate each brand in their own right. This can work well if the logo can still be associated with the main brand. Or it can backfire and present a more fragmented image of the organisation.

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