The key to creating great content – edit, edit, edit

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What impression might it leave if you’re looking at a company’s website only to come across typos and grammatical mistakes, even if it’s just one or two? Perhaps you might wonder whether the company shows the same level of carelessness in its products or services.

People on average spend one or two minutes on a website at best. Well edited content is crucial to keeping them there. Here are three rules that I follow:

1. Don’t cut corners

Proofread and edit at least twice. In some cases I do it three times. As a content writer, I’ve found the proofreading and editing process can often take longer than initial writing. It’s also where the content really takes shape. I personally find it very therapeutic to craft my work through editing. If possible, don’t do the edits back-to-back. You’ll get the best results if you sleep on it.

2. Pair down

Good writing means being concise. After edits and re-edits you should have whittled down the content by up to a third if you can. So if you’re working to a word count, write a slightly higher number of words to start with.

3. Don’t rush

When I started out as a self-employed writer, I read a book that suggested one shouldn’t spend too much time on editing. I completely disagree. Good editing is absolutely crucial to the process – and while it might mean taking longer to complete a job, I believe it’s really worth spending the time. It’s what differentiates an excellent piece of work from a mediocre one. Think of it as preserving your professional reputation.

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