Top social media predictions 2017

Top social media predictions 2017 Black and white group

Social media is constantly evolving. In 2016, Twitter axed Vine, while Facebook launched live video streaming and Instagram created Stories, a new feature that lets users post content that later vanishes. With so many changes, it can be hard to stay abreast of the latest trends. So, what do the next 12 months have in store? Here are our top social media predictions for 2017.

The demise of Google+

Since launching five years ago, Google+ has barely changed. Many social media users don’t even know they have a Google+ page (you’re automatically given one with your YouTube or Gmail account), which suggests thousands of inactive users. Unless there is a major overhaul in the coming months, we predict the platform will fade into oblivion and cease to exist.

Twitter comeback

Due to a decline in user numbers, some say Twitter is on its way out. We beg to differ. While the novelty of fast, bite-sized updates has worn off, we think this social media giant will find new ways to attract users. Look out for live streaming and multi-screen experiences in 2017.

The rise of 360° video

360° videos will gain in popularity allowing friends and followers to feel totally immersed. Companies can also benefit from this new technology. They can showcase products, services and even their work environment, encouraging new and repeat business.

The virtual reality rush

Still very much in its infancy, virtual reality looks set to be the next big thing. We expect more businesses to produce virtual reality headsets and develop social networks on platforms such as vTime. The cost of headsets is likely to be an issue for companies and may determine whether VR really takes off or instead suffers the same fate as Google Glass and 3D TVs. Either way, it’s one to watch.

Increase in paid advertising

Growing your social media audience organically is increasingly difficult. Facebook changed its algorithm in 2016 so that posts from friends are prioritised ahead of those from brands. This means businesses will have to resort to paid advertising. This is expected to become more expensive and more challenging as companies compete to stand out from the crowd.


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