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when to upload content in the UAE Black and White Group

It’s all very well posting content day-in, day-out but if you’re not posting at the right time, you’re wasting your energy. To help refine your social media strategy, we’ve collated a few facts and stats on when to post across which key channels. Although there’s no perfect answer, the data below can be used as a general guideline.


Like all social media platforms, the best time to post on Facebook will depend on your business. As a rule of thumb, noon to 1pm Saturday, 3 to 4pm Tuesday and 1 to 4pm on Wednesday and Thursday are considered peak periods with people using the channel on both their mobile phones and their desktop.


According to online scheduler Hootsuite, a tweet has a 24-minute shelf life, four times shorter than a Facebook post. This means tweeting at the right time is more important than ever. Try posting from noon to 3pm Sunday to Thursday and 5 to 6pm Tuesday.


The most effective B2B platform, LinkedIn is used by professionals throughout their working day. The best time to post is 7.30 to 8.30am, noon and 5 to 6pm Sunday to Thursday.


Instagram use has risen dramatically among Arab nationals, according to a six-nation study by Northwestern University in Qatar. Approximately six per cent of internet users were active on the platform in 2013 compared to 28 per cent in 2015. Post from 7.30am to 11pm throughout the week.

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