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Bid proposal documents are the lifeblood for many businesses – the main vehicle for winning new projects. The way they are written and presented speaks volumes about your company, beyond the narrative of how you will manage the project. It shows how attentive you are to accuracy, detail and consistency of approach. It illustrates how much importance you pay to your visual branding. It gives out clear messages on your competence, trustworthiness and reliability.

Your bid proposal documents therefore do far more than show your technical credentials for the job. They provide the reader with a complete picture of why they will either want, or not want, to work with you.


Particularly on a large bid, it is likely that it will be team effort, bringing together the inputs from different operations. Each will have its own distinctive approach and tone. A good bid proposal copywriter will be able to work collaboratively with each department, taking each of these inputs and writing/editing them into one consistent tone of voice.

If you have brand guidelines, your copywriter will take these into account and ensure the end result is consistent with your brand image.


Every business development manager will know that proposals take up huge amounts of time in both planning and writing, especially if done well. In our experience, time constraints mean that companies often leave it to the very last minute to put together a bid proposal, adding pressure and producing an end result which is far from what it potentially could be.

Using a professional copywriter experienced in bid writing will not only produce a better result, but also free up your time to concentrate on the operational aspects of your business.

THE BLACK AND WHITE GROUP has both copywriting and design capabilities. In addition to our copywriting support, we will develop a branded design template that you can use for your bid documents moving forward, keeping your brand consistent for every proposal and saving you significant time in the long-term.


With time constraints as mentioned, it is tempting to make your bid proposal a cut-and-paste exercise and this will likely be obvious to the reader. A good copywriter will write a bid that is specific to the project, with references to the job and client throughout. It will give the reader the impression that you have taken the time to write your proposal specifically for the project, you understand in detail what it entails and will carry out the work with the competency and attention it deserves.


This works hand-in-hand with focus and consistency. Communicating your understanding of the project brief through a clear and relevant narrative is crucial. Equally, the reader will be unforgiving of careless spelling and grammatical mistakes. If your proposal is not written eloquently, error-free and with complete relevance to the project, you can rightly expect a vote of no confidence. A good copywriter will not only ensure this, but also write in straightforward, engaging language with just enough of a sales tone to draw in the reader while keeping your bid facts-based and professional.


Your copywriter should also be able to do a cross-reference check to the RFP/RFQ to make sure all the points have been adequately covered with references to the various clauses throughout. Again, this will show you have paid the necessary attention to the brief and have covered all aspects.

The client wants to see what benefits and added value it will receive from selecting you. A good copywriter will know the questions to ask to ensure your is bid benefits-driven throughout.


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