Why You Should Invest In Brand Design

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The use of brand design makes the difference between a memorable brand for all the right reasons, a memorable brand for all the wrong reasons, or just a mediocre brand.

Unlike popular perception, brand design does not begin with creating a logo. It comes from your ‘why’. Why did you start your company? What do you want your company to reflect? Do you have an innovative product? Do you have a social agenda? Are you aiming to attract a premium customer base? Do you have a specific target demographic?

Virgin was originally a record store. Its founders, Richard Branson and Nik Powell formed the name to reflect that they were ‘virgins’ in business. Microsoft had a vision that everyone should have their own personal computer. The name is a combination of microprocessor and software.

Brand design makes you memorable

Today, the brand design of both the above companies is instantly recognisable, and they’ve invested millions into it. But this doesn’t need to be the case – you can create an outstanding brand design for a reasonable budget. If you are clear on what your company represents and can communicate it verbally, a good agency will work with you to create the brand design that best represents you.

A key point here is not to overcomplicate. If you can communicate the essence of your brand simply and straightforwardly, it will give strength to the way your brand design connects with people. The simplicity of the Apple logo is a case in point. It reflects the moment Isaac Newton had his ‘eureka’ when struck by an apple when sitting under a tree. This represents the facilitation of knowledge.

Why when you’re driving or just walking down the street does a brand image randomly pop into your head? When it comes to their brand design, these companies are doing something right. Their audience has got the emotional connection.

In brand design, perception is everything

We would all love to be unique, but in a world crowded with similar competitive offerings it is hard to do. The differentiating factor often comes down to brand design and the image created around it.

For a ‘young’ brand, this is probably more poignant than ever. Give your brand a strong emotional connection from the beginning and people will buy your story – and if you do a good job for them they will give you referrals. But be honest and deliver what you say. Brand design means living to your promises, not telling the world you are something you’re not.

Equally, as mentioned earlier, if your brand design comes from your ‘why’, the place your company started from, it will help you revisit that place and stay focused and clear towards your business goals.

The iPhone is not radically different to other smartphones. You can make calls, download apps, use messaging, take photos and video, play music, and use your satellite navigation. But have you tried to persuade an iPhone convert to move to another smartphone brand? It can’t be done. Why? Because of brand design and image.

Why do people gravitate to a soft drink or chocolate brand? Häagen-Dazs originates in the Bronx, New York. It’s exotic foreign-sounding name was devised to give it a premium ‘superior’ brand positioning.

Strong brand design gives your product a premium price point

As mentioned, you do not necessarily need to spend a huge amount on your brand design per se. It really depends on the context. But in realistic terms, good brand design can lift your price point.

Brand design is why you wear your favourite shirt, even if it’s more expensive to buy than an identical quality equivalent. It is through your brand design that you build your relationship with your customers. The above Apple example is a case in point.

The costs of manufacturing between brands is negligible. They mostly buy the same components, use the same fabrics, include similar ingredients or produce their products in comparable sweat shops. But your brand perception will determine what you can charge and the profits you make.

Brand design lets you reinvent yourself

Strong brand design helps you stay current. Again, Apple is a case in point. It mission has always been much the same, to design ‘the best computers in the world’. Its visual design has also had several migrations, but always from the same basic theme. In this way, it has been able to continually reinvent itself but stay within its core mission. This consistent approach hasn’t gone unnoticed as its devoted customer base carries on expanding.

Similarly, Microsoft has developed its brand design through different versions of Windows, which keeping its brand identity consistent:

In a nutshell, strong brand design is not just in how something looks, but how it feels. It is your emotional connection with your customers. This is why it is so crucial and why the most successful brands consider it one of their most important investments.

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