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In today’s digital environment, having a blogging content marketing strategy is no longer an option, but a necessity. A company blog is at the centre of an inbound marketing strategy. Both B2B and B2C consumers are tiring of traditional marketing and advertising channels where you push your products or services at them.

Inbound marketing though blogging is the opposite approach. Rather than a direct sell, you draw in your audience by writing informative, educational posts which position you as an expert within your field. Come the time your readership needs your product or service – they need to buy a house; outsource their accounting function; need an IT provider – they will contact you first.

Make your blogging strategy sustainable

The key to a blogging content strategy is consistency. There is nothing worse than someone going onto your site, clicking onto your blog and finding your last post was 12 months ago. It is better not to have a blog at all. So first, establish how often you want to post.

As blog platform Hubspot suggests, companies that publish 16-plus blog posts per month generate around 3.5 times more web traffic than publishing 0-4 monthly posts. But for many companies that’s a tall order. So be realistic. How many blogs per month can you maintain, and when you’ve decided, stick to it. As a starting point, aim for 3-4 every month, then to increase it over time.

Plan your blogging strategy

Have enough topic ideas in stock. If you are sitting down to write a new blog and scratching your head to think of a topic, it’s not going to work for you. As a starting point, decide which are the key aspects of your business you want to highlight, sit down with the relevant teams (if you’re fortunate to have a company of a certain size), brainstorm a list of topics and plan which weeks/months they will be posted.

If you’re a sole trader or a micro company, the brainstorming rule still prevails, although you’ll have less resources to draw from.

Set a time/times to write a schedule of blogs in advance and keep them in stock to post at your chosen times. If you’re writing each blog just before you’re due to post it, you will be distracted with business needs and your blogging strategy will perish.

In terms of where to post your blogs, this is a topic within itself, but we would be happy to have the conversation with you.

Make your blogging strategy relevant

While your blog is not a direct sell, it is still there to be useful and provide a solution to your customers. So think about your target readership. Insert useful hyperlinks where you can. Yoast, a WordPress SEO plugin, suggests a blog length of minimum 400 words. But keep your blog concise and at the same time conversational. Write in your own brand voice. But use the active voice to make your writing more direct.

At the same time, use strong headlines. Readers are first and foremost drawn to headlines and sub-heads (used to break up the text). If you draw the reader in through strong headlines, they might read the rest of the text – or very often will only read the headlines. Optimise your headlines through keywords (see below).

Optimise your blogging strategy

THE BLACK AND WHITE GROUP works with SEO (search engine optimisation) specialists to incorporate keywords into a company blogging strategy that will increase web search rankings. We are content specialists, not SEO specialists, but we work with SEO partners.

As a general rule of thumb, incorporating specific keywords into your blogs will increase your SEO rankings. But cramming them might have the opposite effect – search engines do not reward for cramming. The key here is to blend them into the text in a natural way and this is an area where THE BLACK AND WHITE GROUP can help you.

Be unique

Most importantly, do not steal or plagiarise. This includes your own content. Each section of your website and each blog should be unique and not a cut and paste. The search engines reward for original, fresh content, but will equally punish you for regurgitation.

Have a call-to-action

Have a call-to-action at the and of your blog (see below). It could be your contact details, a link to your website, a portfolio link or e-book. But most importantly, make yourself accessible. Your blog is an inbound marketing tool, but a sales tool nonetheless.

For more information or to find out more about how THE BLACK AND WHITE GROUP supports our clients’ blogging strategies, we would be happy to hear from you on 00971-50-4575469, info@weareblackandwhite.com, or through our website, https://www.weareblackandwhite.com.

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