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Writing for SEO isn’t as hard as you think. Put your customer first and post engaging content, something that helps the end user to solve a problem. The main reason why people conduct Google searches is to source useful information, so the more helpful your copy, the better.

Likewise, search engines love fresh content. For this reason, you should post new blogs regularly, at least twice a month ideally.

When you’ve established your topics and your posting frequency, increase your Google ranking further with these top writing-for-SEO tips.

Monitor keyword frequency

After writing your article, check how many times your keyword appears. Once every 100 words is a good benchmark. Avoid excessive keyword insertion or Google may penalise you, resulting in the reverse result. Keyword density greater than 5.5 per cent is considered spam.

Include links

Links to relevant articles tell Google that you have useful content. This could be your own or it could be on another site. Links to other sites suggest you’re connected, sociable and that you value other people’s content. Google will reward you accordingly.

Optimise meta descriptions

Before posting content, use meta descriptions to help direct search engines. A meta description is a 160-character HTML tag that summarises a page’s content. Google displays the meta description in search results when the searched-for phrase is included in the description. Include keywords and a call to action. Make sure the description is unique across your site.

Craft the perfect headline

Headlines that convey a specific message or idea tend to attract search users the most. Likewise, numbers are extremely popular, so ­include a figure in the headline if possible. If you want the whole title to appear in search engine results, 72 characters is the maximum recommended. This will boost the click-through rate, too.

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