Brand Design


From logos to stationery sets, business cards to packaging, we deliver striking brand design across all your company collateral. We choose fonts, colours, lines and shapes that best represent your company’s image and lock in the basics of your brand identity as early as possible.

With these building blocks in place, we work with you – step by step – to apply one seamless look across your entire business.

Brand-design B&W

From your logo, we move to stationery. Encompassing letterheads, envelopes, e-signatures and invoices, a stationery set forms an integral part of your brand identity, injecting professionalism and credibility into your business.

From there, we help you decide which touchpoints are the most important from a brand design perspective. A café, for example, should invest time in designing its menu and physical outlets. A facilities management company, however, should put more thought into its corporate brochures and written proposals.


Whichever assets are the most important, we follow five strict brand design principles to ensure your company is as visually appealing as possible:


    1. Ensure it works across every platform
      We examine closely whether your branding will work in print, on social media, on billboards and in sales presentations. It must be clear enough to appeal to your target audience across all platforms. If it doesn’t, we look at why and make the necessary changes.
    2. Keep it simple
      From fonts, colours, lines and shapes, we ensure everything in your brand design is clean and simple. Look at the branding from some of the largest companies such as MacDonald’s, Spotify and Apple. What do they have in common? They’re simple and instantly recognisable.
    3. Choose colours carefully
      Beyond black and white, we select one or two extra colours only. Any more is overkill. We also consider the emotions you want your audience to feel. Do you want to incite excitement and passion or instill peace and calm? Warm versus cool tones play a large part in triggering the desired emotion.
    4. Use white space creatively
      White space lets your brand design breathe. It creates a clean, minimalist look and a platform from which your logo, company name and tagline can jump out and engage your target audience. Far from shunning white space, we actively encourage it.
    5. Avoid passing trends
      At THE BLACK AND WHITE GROUP, we want your brand design to last for years. Sometimes, that means forgoing trends. While fun and creative designs absolutely have their place, a more classic approach often works better. Traditional fonts with neutral or primary colours have been proven to stand the test of time.



  • Logos
  • Stationery sets
  • Corporate brochures
  • Sales presentations
  • Social content
  • Tenders/proposals
  • Websites
  • Menus
  • Posters/leaflets
  • Annual reports

To view our brand design work, please visit our online portfolio.