Logo Design


Get your brand logo design right and create instant recognition in the minds of your audience. Get it wrong and your company could go unnoticed or, worse, appear unprofessional.

A key piece of your company’s identity, your brand logo design is a visual representation of your business. It is a prompt to take action and ultimately foster loyalty between your brand and your customers, so it’s vital to get it right.

At THE BLACK AND WHITE GROUP, we design the best logo for your company. We look closely at your brand values, corporate colours and favourite styles, and present three design paths for consideration.

unique Logo design Dubai Black and White Group

With our open and collaborative approach, we work with you to enhance the final brand logo design, keeping our designs simple so they will be remembered.

Whether you’re an established business undergoing a rebrand or an entrepreneur just starting out, we create effective logos that represent your company’s unique goals and personality.


Consider your company values

What kind of company are you? A professional services company with a smart, corporate image? A tech company that wants to portray a more innovative approach, or an entertainment company that wants be visually fun and engaging?

Stay simple

Complicated logos usually stand out from the competition – for all the wrong reasons. At THE BLACK AND WHITE GROUP, our brand logo designs are simple and easy to draw on a piece of paper. That way, they’re more memorable. Often, people see a logo for less than a second so it needs to have impact. Think of today’s major brands. They’re clean, simple and easily recreated.

Check the format

A logo may look great on a blank screen or a piece of paper. That doesn’t mean it will look great everywhere else. We constantly check what your design will look like in different formats – on social media, a billboard, your website and even the side of a building. Is it clearly visible in every instance? If not, we change it. Simple.

Don’t rush

Many companies design a logo quickly, either in house or through an agency. They often live to regret it. At THE BLACK AND WHITE GROUP, we take the time to craft the right brand logo design, based on your colour palette and brand values. At all stages, seek opinions from your colleagues and trusted partners. Don’t just like your logo – love it.

Be unique

We make sure that your brand logo design in Dubai – and everywhere else – is creative, different and, most importantly, not too similar to anyone else’s. When the design is finalised, we recommend protecting it with a trademark.