Small businesses with blogs achieve 126% more lead growth than small businesses without. That’s huge, and one of the many reasons why content writing services are in such high demand.

Copywriting services Dubai Black and White Group

THE BLACK AND WHITE GROUP is a leading copywriting company in Dubai. We create sharp marketing copy across a wide range of genres. We capture the right tone to attract your target audience and – keeping your brand values at the fore –we communicate your message through creative and engaging storytelling.

Whatever your product, we ensure it is crisp, clean and powerfully written. We proofread, edit and re-purpose existing content, or produce new copy entirely from scratch. What’s more, we can produce it in a designed format (see our graphic design page). We can also produce it in both English and Arabic, ensuring your message is as targeted and as far-reaching as possible.



Far from being a marketing relic, the corporate brochure remains a key component of any business’s marketing strategy. It will only be effective, however, if executed correctly. At THE BLACK AND WHITE GROUP, we ensure the language is simple, clear and accessible to all. We avoid corporate speak and, wherever possible, include a personal letter from your chairman or CEO. We also include customer testimonials and case studies that demonstrate how you have helped your clients. This helps to gain investor confidence, attract new clients and show existing customers what you can do for them.

We deliver compelling web content with keywords built in to engage your audience, while boosting search engine optimisation (SEO). We maximise your web searchability, not just through your main content pages but also through a blogging strategy as part of an ‘inbound’ marketing strategy. Our approach is that content and structure should come first before any web design element to ensure your website serves a functional and informational purpose above all. Online readers have notoriously short attention spans. THE BLACK AND WHITE GROUP does not only engage your readers. It keeps them there.


An annual report doesn’t only provide financial information. It serves as a marketing tool for your company also. Focused, structured and dynamic, our reports give a clear and accurate message through short and simple sentences. We use strong active verbs and avoid adjectives and adverbs. This ensures information on the health of your company is communicated in the clearest, most powerful way possible. Before starting a report, we will write a sample for your approval and seek agreement on the exact tone of voice moving forward.


In addition to annual reports, we produce detailed technical and corporate documents. These include bid and pre-qualification documents, market reports and feasibility studies, business plans, white papers, training materials, processes, policies and procedures. Again, we write a short sample for your approval at the project start.


From Facebook and Twitter to LinkedIn, we produce written content across all major social media platforms. Quotes, captions, polls and tips all form part of the mix and, where appropriate, we include keywords and campaign hashtags to help increase your online visibility and drive traffic to your website. We also write news releases on your company’s latest developments and other items of interest for your website newsfeed.


Blogs are another excellent way to raise awareness of your brand, positioning your business as an expert within the sector. We can create your blog on your website, and work with you to create a sustained and effective blogging strategy. We will then write and deliver each story to post on the site and other channels at the agreed frequency. We remove the headache, allowing you to concentrate on your core business.