Bid Proposal Writing

You’ve been invited to bid for a key project. Winning the job would be a huge step up for your business and you need to give it your very best shot.

But putting in a winning bid takes time and resources that not all companies have – or if they do they’re often stretched. This is why some of the most prominent global and regional brands choose THE BLACK AND WHITE GROUP’s specialist bid copywriters and graphic designers as their most trusted resource to deliver proposals that secure projects.

What Does a Bid Proposal Writer Do?

Bid proposals fall into two categories – winning bids and the rest. A winning proposal brings out all the benefits-driven aspects you will deliver – how your service delivery will take away your client’s ‘pain points’. It clearly outlines how your will increase your client’s efficiency and revenue, produce them cost savings (short or longer-term), and ultimately strengthen their brand.

A winning bid clearly shows that you’ve read, understood and answered every aspect of the enquiry or RFP within a defined, knowledgeable and referenced response. It outlines your step-by-step approach towards service delivery in a systematic way that meets the project requirements, with any ‘over-and-above’ value-adds that competitors may not be able to offer.

It shows, wherever relevant, how you will minimise your client’s risk through a solid and competent people resource, your quality and training processes, or health and safety systems. Through practical examples, it shows your credentials to carry out the project consistently and dependably throughout its duration.

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Why is a bid proposal writer needed?

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The short answer is to win projects and sustain your business. At the same time, best impressions are everything. The look, feel and quality of your bid proposal speaks volumes about you as a brand.

A well-crafted bid proposal will instill client confidence in your competence to do the job. A carelessly-presented proposal will immediately flag concerns. This means skillfully communicating your pitch so it becomes a no-brainer that your company is the best fit for the project.

How we can help you?

Why engage THE BLACK AND WHITE GROUP? Because we pay attention. Because we take the time to understand the RFP, ask you the right questions to identify your unique selling points, and craft a bid response with the right key messages. We take your crucial expert view but add our subjective clarity and communications expertise.

You are close to the business every day and it is important to have a fresh outlook. That’s where we come in.

We ensure all the key points stand out through both our copywriting and graphic design capabilities. We use pull quotes, infographics, text boxes and other such elements to drive the main messages home. We adopt a benefits-driven ‘what we can do for you’ approach and embed references to the RFP/enquiry throughout to clearly show the client that your company has fully read and understood the brief. Before submission to the client, we can conduct a full compliance check to ensure we have addressed every point on the RFP.


THE BLACK AND WHITE GROUP completely respects the aspects of confidentiality and we are very happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement. This is why you won’t find any examples of bid proposals on our website portfolio page – although we can clearly show you our credentials in a face-to-face meeting with no compromise to confidentiality.

Sense checking

If you have an existing bid proposal that you need proofread, sense checked and edited, THE BLACK AND WHITE GROUP is on hand.

Supporting case studies

Should you need a set of case studies written that you can use within your bid proposals, on your website, brochure or other collateral, talk to us.