THE BLACK AND WHITE GROUP has extensive experience writing and designing relevant and targeted brochures, sometimes called company profiles, that do exactly what they are meant to do – sell your company’s products and services.

How do we do this? Our skilled copywriters ensure your brochure is accessible in language and tone, stays on message and connects with your target market. We use case studies and other practical examples at every opportunity in a ‘show rather than tell’ style.

Our graphic designers use engaging visuals – a mix of text, images, infographics, text boxes, pull quotes and pull-out ‘did you know’ key facts and figures. We make sure there’s plenty of white space and never crowd the page. We always suggest to our clients that pages should be visually-driven and not too text-heavy.

Case studies don’t have to be long and can be embedded as company profile design features – text boxes for example. Similarly, client testimonials don’t need to be longer then one or two sentences and can be designed as ‘pull-out’ quotes which appear across selected pages throughout.

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What is a brochure?

Why are brochures needed?

More to the point, what form of brochure best suits your purpose?

Do you need something in print that you can distribute at events or can be a ‘leave behind’ at client meetings? If so, for printing purposes, the page count needs to be in multiples of four, including front and back outside and inside cover pages.

Or are you travelling to an overseas industry event, in which case a bunch of heavy cumbersome company profiles is probably the last thing you need.

Does you sales team use tablets rather than a printed brochure format? If so, would more of a presentation style suit your purposes better – and what’s the best format to use? Is the information fairly static, or does the presentation need to be editable? If it’s the later, you can opt for either PowerPoint which can be developed on a PC – or the Apple platform, Keynote. If it won’t need editing, we strongly recommend a dedicated design platform such as Adobe InDesign or Illustrator then converted to PDF, as the scope for creative design is far greater.

If your company profile will be on your website, it could either be a PDF – or better still you could create a URL (live webpage), so you can track how much engagement it is generating.

There’s no doubt that your website is an incredibly valuable sales tool – particularly when search engine optimised. But it’s still important to have a brochure that you can show offline. That way, you don’t have to worry about whether the client is able to connect you to wifi or not. After all, when you’re visiting a client’s office you need everything to be as straightforward as possible. The process of connecting to wifi could be quick and easy or anything but, depending on Internet reliability, IT processes and security policies.

Having an offline sales tool helps you circumnavigate such issues – and you can always have an offline portfolio pre-prepared to support your pitch.

How we can help you?

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We take the time to understand your brand, then create a clear story of what you do, how you do it, and most importantly a ‘benefits’ approach – what the client will gain by engaging your company. At every opportunity we weave in practical examples and use a mix of graphic design elements to bring key facts and selling points to the forefront.

Our graphic designers can work in whichever format suits your purposes – InDesign, Illustrator, or if you need an editable document, PowerPoint or Keynote. Through our experience in company profile creation across a range of key industries, THE BLACK AND WHITE GROUP will work with you to create a selling tool that works.