Corporate Report Writing

THE BLACK AND WHITE GROUP supports some of the most prominent Middle East based brands with their corporate communications across key areas of the business – from major multinationals through to small-and-medium sized companies. Our remit – to produce a narrative and/or visual design that hits the reader’s attention and nails the main messages every time.

Annual Reports Writing Services

What Are Annual Reports

For listed companies, an annual report is a mandatory requirement. If you’re not listed, it is a great way to reach out to your clients, stakeholders and community to communicate who you are, what you do and the key happenings over the past year. It contains information such as your details of your operations, financial performance, leadership structure, and any particular highlights such as growth milestones or new areas of business.

You would normally produce it early in the year once your financial statements for the previous year have been closed. A 2019 report might be published around February 2020 for example.


Why Are Annual Reports Needed

While your annual report is primarily a vehicle to inform shareholders, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders, it is also an excellent marketing tool if approached in an accessible, visually-appealing way.

The trap that many organisations can fall into however, is that their reports may appear dry, uninspirational and a chore to read. THE BLACK AND WHITE GROUP keeps the reader connected through pull-out facts and figures, along with text box elements that break up the narrative, giving the whole document – and its reader – breathing space.

Depending on your brand voice, our aim is for your report to be professional but also conversational – to talk to the reader in a way that will keep them there.

annual reports writing services dubai

Sustainability Reports Writing Services

sustainability reports writing services dubai

What Are Sustainability Reports

Like an annual report, your sustainability report reflects on the past years’ events but from a sustainability viewpoint. Sustainability in this sense extends far beyond environmental concerns, although of course green issues are a major component. Your sustainability report is about the overall sustainability of your business – your financial stability; the strength of your corporate governance, your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) performance, financial sustainability, employee welfare practices to ensure a stable workforce, your local/global community initiatives, and not least your environmental policies and practices.

Once again, you would expect to publish your sustainability report early in the year following the ‘reporting’ year.

Why Are Sustainability Reports Needed

There are growing expectations amongst both clients and communities, that the businesses they interact with have a strong sense of social responsibility. Hence a growing trend towards producing a sustainability report – either as a stand-alone or combined with an annual report.

Should you need a strategic consultant to conduct a sustainability audit of your company and guide you in formulating your sustainability strategy, we also partner with a specialist consultant for clients that need experienced and insightful advice.

Technical Reports and Corporate Communications

A piece of technical writing might be a technical bid proposal, a white paper or thought leadership piece, a product or employee manual, or set of policies, procedures or processes.

The nature of technical writing is often to provide instruction, or information. The main thing is that, much like an annual report, it should be easy to read, accessible in tone of voice, and visually-engaging.

Why Are Technical Reports Needed

Technical writing is a skill in itself. It demands a concise, detailed, clearly-explained informational approach within a clearly laid-out structure. Much like any other form of writing, it should tell a story through a clear navigational path.

Our copywriters are specialised in specific industry sectors. Our technical writing capability comes from a sound knowledge in engineering principles, and experience working with some of the largest engineering and IT companies.

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How We Can Help You

Copywriting, editing, design

We can either work with you from a blank sheet, or if you have an existing report that you need reviewed and edited from a professional copywriting viewpoint, we can help you also. Very often, this is a more practical option for companies that know what they want to say but don’t have the time and/or resources to produce the polished result they need. They write a draft – even a rough draft – and then hand it across to us to do what we do best.

Should you need us to design your report, our copywriters work closely with our great creative designers to turn words into engaging infographics, text boxes and pull-out quotes. This draws the eye to the most important facts and figures, along with strong imagery to grab your target reader’s attention to the most important touchpoints and engage them with your brand.


Working to brand guidelines

Should you have a set of brand guidelines, the tone of our copy and the look-and-feel of our design will completely reflect your brand message. If you haven’t yet developed your brand guidelines, we can work with you to develop a document to keep your brand consistency intact across all your communications.