Giving your Content a Quality Check

An increasing part of THE BLACK AND WHITE GROUP’s work is proofreading and editing existing content. Very often, if as a client you have a clear idea of what you want to say, it can be more practical for you to rough draft something. It could be a very rough draft which we can then rework, or a more complete text which just needs a good proofread and edit for grammar, spelling and language consistency.

The consistency aspect is important in ensuring the language flows and retains the same style throughout. It should be engaging, speak in your brand voice and tell a story to the reader – whether it is a corporate brochure, annual report, website or newsletter for example.

For any content produced inhouse, we absolutely recommend that you have it looked over by a professional copywriter. The simplest error or inconsistency could be the difference between attracting or losing a prospect, first-time customer, or even established client.