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UPTOWN Mirdiff (Union Properties) recently engaged us to write its web content in both English and Arabic. When THE BLACK AND WHITE GROUP takes on any project, our main remit is to understand the brief and project to the full, and deliver precisely for the intended purpose.

This involves:

  • Asking the client the right questions
  • Getting the brief and client objectives in full
  • Doing the right preparation, and
  • Using our experience to deliver the right result

The right brief

This project was no exception. Through our direct, specific communications with the client, we gained the brief we needed to create the web content for the UPTOWN Mirdiff residential development. We needed to evoke a real sense of what it is to experience its different community aspects.

“We were looking for a content specialist to provide a good overview of the development, both in factual and practical terms,” says Shahnaz Hassan, General Manager UPTOWN Mirdiff. “At the same time, it was essential it should capture the essence of the place for the reader.”

The right experience

As with all projects THE BLACK AND WHITE GROUP commits to, we selected our writer for UPTOWN Mirdiff based on her specific experience in residential real estate. To get the true essence, style and tone, she spent time on site at UPTOWN Mirdiff. She interviewed all the key team members across residential living. She explored the opportunities to open a business premises and experienced the retail choices.

“Through the time THE BLACK AND WHITE GROUP spent on-site, they were able to gain first-hand knowledge and produce the web content from an experience viewpoint,” says Shahnaz.

“To ensure they were completely on track, they also produced a ‘prototype’ section of the web copy for our review and approval.”

As a result of THE BLACK AND WHITE GROUP’S first-hand research and thorough preparation, the client was delighted with the first draft copy. The edits were minimal.

The right Arabic translation

As part of our scope of work we also translated the web content into Arabic. Once again we provided an upfront Arabic sample in advance to ensure the client was satisfied with the quality of translation they would receive, and once again the client was delighted with the results.

For more information on copywriting, please contact THE BLACK AND WHITE GROUP on 04 367 5052 or 050 457 5469.

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