Help Me Hear – creating a video for a worthy cause

.Help Me Hear – creating a video for a worthy cause

MED-EL Medical Electronics, which is headquartered in Innsbruck, Austria, is the leading provider of hearing solutions in the Middle East. The company aims to overcome hearing loss as a barrier to communication by providing different solutions, including cochlear implants which are first surgically implanted, and then activated within a clinical environment. The company commissioned us to produce and edit a video in English and Arabic.

The video follows the hearing activation of Michelle Grace, age two and born with hearing loss. The activation would be the first time she had been able to hear any sound.

Creative solution

The video takes the viewer through Michelle Grace’s journey – at home, on her way to the clinic, and through to the point the activation takes place when she hears sound for the very first time.

Mark Atkinson, Owner/Founder at THE BLACK AND WHITE GROUP, explains, “The campaign was sponsored by the UAE Ministry of Health & Prevention under the Help Me Hear initiative in partnership with MED-EL Middle East.

“The video narrative, as supplied by MED-EL, is in the form of a captioned script. We chose the simple musical background so as not to distract from the essence of the story. The brief was to produce a video that was completely non-corporate in style.”

Positive feedback

Rania Al-Khadra, Regional Marketing Communications Manager, MED-EL says, “We were clear as to the concept and story we wanted the video to convey. THE BLACK AND WHITE GROUP completely captured the tone and sentiment we were looking for. They were professional and easy to work with. They got the concept straight off and delivered spot-on.

“The end result is emotive but also straightforward, capturing the message perfectly.”

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