THE BLACK AND WHITE GROUP wrote a series of SEO landing pages across a range of financial products offered by Alpha Omega Partnership of Holborn Assets. Each was designed as a call-to-action, depicting both the compelling and practical aspects of products such as education, retirement planning and business protection.“We had one kick-off meeting, and it was quickly clear that THE BLACK AND WHITE GROUP had a good base knowledge of the financial industry. They were quick on their feet in taking the key topics on board,” says Adriano Coutinho, Marketing Officer, Alpha Omega Partnership of Holborn Assets.

Product guidelines

We also produced a set of guidelines on each of the products that were accessible in terms of their detail and length. Each was designed as a further information link to each of the landing pages.

“THE BLACK AND WHITE GROUP produced a draft of one of the SEO landing pages and the corresponding guideline in advance,” says Coutinho. “Once we finalised the length, style and tone, the process of producing the remaining copy was extremely straightforward.”

Meet the team

As part of the scope, we also produced a set of team profiles. “We gave them the source information through a combination of rough drafts, CVs and LinkedIn profiles,” says Coutinho. “They then produced a set of profiles that were concise, consistent and showcased the team perfectly.

“In all respects, THE BLACK AND WHITE GROUP were easy and conducive to work with. They understood and executed the brief swiftly and professionally. I can completely vouch for them as a solid agency partner.”

For more information on THE BLACK AND WHITE GROUP’s copywriting services, including writing for SEO landing pages, please click here. Alternatively, call 050 457 5469. We also offer videography, photography, animation, translation and graphic design services to companies across the UAE.

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