Social Content



Creating content for social media isn’t always easy. At THE BLACK AND WHITE GROUP, we have it covered. From insightful white papers to creative infographics, our experienced team can handle any content offering, no matter the size.

We can also suggest content ideas to raise your brand’s visibility. Increasing engagement is key and – through our carefully considered, clearly defined approach – we deliver intelligent copy that, once posted, attracts even more comments, likes, shares and followers.

So, which content forms are the most effective?


  1. Infographics
    According to Buzzsumo, which reviewed more than 100 million articles, the mighty infographic is the most shared form of social content. At THE BLACK AND WHITE GROUP, we simplify complex messages through informative, visually appealing graphics. Using your corporate colours and preferred typography, we create stylised infographics to catch the eye and attract maximum engagement.
  1. Images
    It’s not just infographics our brains love but photographs, too. Consider that Facebook photo-posts attract 104% more comments than those without. Also, tweets with images receive 89% more likes and 150% more retweets. The difference is huge. As well as image sourcing, image production and image enhancement, THE BLACK AND WHITE GROUP also offers bespoke photography. From employee profiles and office interiors to product launches and events coverage, we can handle any photo shoot from concept to creation.
Social media content Dubai Black and White
  1. List-style blogs
    There are several styles of blogs. According to Hubspot, the most read and the most shared are lists. A list post has a certain number of easily digestible points, much like the page you’re reading now. We can work with you to brainstorm topics, finalise a plan and produce crisp, clean copy that resonates with your audience.
  2. Video testimonials
    A client testimonial is a great way to encourage potential prospects to pick your product or service over that of a competitor. Ditch the traditional text-based format and opt for the more modern video approach. Our camera operators and video editors can swiftly and seamlessly shoot short clips for distribution across key social media channels.
  3. White papers
    Almost everyone loves a white paper, especially when they’re free and easy to download. These hugely popular products provide great sales leads and should be a key consideration in any B2B social mix. At THE BLACK AND WHITE GROUP, we produce compelling content. Carefully written and meticulously designed, your white paper, or e-book, will help position your company as an industry authority. Share it on your social channels and reap the rewards.