We Speak in your Brand Voice


Integrated content marketing is emerging as one of the most powerful tools available to your business. Whether you need:

  • A digital or print book written, designed and with bespoke photography
  • A corporate profile, on-screen video, branded bags and a designed exhibition stand for your event
  • Your proposal to be written and designed to stand out against competitor bidders
  • Your annual report written and edited to draw the reader’s eye, complete with creative imagery, infographics and other design features

Through our integrated content marketing approach, THE BLACK AND WHITE GROUP helps you communicate your message to your target audience with maximum impact.



It could be your annual or sustainability report, a crucial new project you are bidding for, content for your website, a corporate profile, newsletter or blog. In all cases, THE BLACK AND WHITE GROUP engages with your target audience in your brand voice. Our experience extends to white papers, market reports, business plans, processes and policies.

To make sure we are on the same page with you from the start, we will write a short passage to discuss, and nail the style and tone moving forward. If you need us to review an existing document, we will proofread and edit – from a light check on punctuation, grammar and typos, to a more major rewrite and restructure where needed.

Graphic Design


Our graphic design capabilities often work hand-in-hand with our copywriting work, creating eye-catching designs as per your brand guidelines. With elements such as pull-quotes, creative imagery, infographics and text boxes, THE BLACK AND WHITE GROUP graphic design approach draws the reader’s eye. With proper use of ‘white space’, our designs allow the page to breath. They are never crowded.

If your report or company profile requires printing, we will handle the process for you. If you need your company car or exhibition stand branded, we will create the design and organise the large-format printing.




If you are creating a new brand, or going through a rebranding process, THE BLACK AND WHITE GROUP can help you. We will design your logo to reflect your brand image and values. We will design all your brand collateral, from letterhead, envelopes and business cards, through to company stamp and email signature.

To ensure your branding is consistent throughout, we can work with you to produce a set of brand guidelines, including fonts, colours, logo sizes and other such elements.

For all graphic design and branding projects, we will discuss your requirements with you in detail and provide 2-3 concepts for you to review and select from. We can then discuss the concept you choose and perfect it.

Videography, Animation and Photography


Whether it is to showcase your company or event, or shorter clips for your different social media channels, we will produce videos and animations to meet your aims. From concept and storyboarding through to creation and editing, THE BLACK AND WHITE GROUP is here to support you.

We can provide the photography for your team profiles, corporate brochure, website or event, in a style that captures the essence of your brand.

Social Content



The key to creating engaging social content is to provide a range of different mediums – written posts, infographics, short videos, images, as well as longer blog and article content. THE BLACK AND WHITE GROUP will work with you to produce and execute a monthly content plan that meets your social media objectives and attracts the audience you’re reaching out to.